We have earned a reputation for offering bespoke, considered and dispassionate advice. Whether you are looking for help with a specific transaction or a business relationship over the longer term.

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Financial Advice Company

We provide corporate finance advice to families and individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs. A key measure of our success is the value we help create for clients and their businesses, rather than the size or number of transactions that you realise without our adviсe. The team also advises clients on their direct investments and will introduce, structure, and monitor direct investments.


Legal Consultations

Our team has experience supporting sale and purchase negotiations and corporate finance transactions, complementing our corporate finance advisory work. We assist with many other legal matters such as joint venture agreements and fund setups. Our services also include litigation management, intellectual property registration and protection, and assistance with corporate documents.

Expert Fiduciary

A full range of cross-jurisdictional services including trusteeship, directorship, company secretarial, administration, nominee services and executorships. Our extensive commercial experience equips us to handle an exceptionally wide range of assets.

Administrative Services

Behind every wealth management strategy, there are countless administrative tasks: calculations, reports and forms. Families have personal administrative chores as well. Through our own resources, affiliated firms and a carefully-vetted network of service providers, we offer our client families a comprehensive array of support services.
Legal & Tax

Legal & Tax Advisory

We bring exceptional experience to wealthy families, providing advice on long-term tax planning and structuring solutions, as well as ensuring day-to-day transactions are properly scrutinised for their tax and regulatory implications.

Family Office

Our Family Office is at the heart of our service offering. It is designed to cover everything you would want from your own family office and a lot more. Family office can offer a a hub of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support the requirements of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

Capital Repatriation

Repatriation is the return of capital, invested abroad, for subsequent investment in your primary country of residence. Capital repatriation is typically related to capital export issues.

Corporate Finance

Our expert advisers provide independent corporate finance advice to shareholders and companies at every stage of the corporate lifecycle – from acquisitions and capital raising, through to disposals and liquidity events.

Institutional Solutions

We offer a wide range of institutional level solutions. These solutions are designed to help our clients to optimise and realise the enterprise value of their companies.
Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies Focused

Your goals and personal philosophy toward taxes are unique and may change over time. For many families, income tax planning and estate tax planning are key components in a financial plan. Our recommendations are outcome-based, not tax-driven. We allow your goals and values to dictate the best tax strategy.

We can work With Confidence


Where They Stop

Our mission in Laduchi Capital has always been and will be to ensure and enhance the well-being and happiness of the entire business family, while preserving and increasing their economic and financial assets. Without departing from our philosophical legacy that understands that wealth is much more than money; we must learn to be owners in the present, in order to be able to serve the project of the business family in the future.


Where We Stop

At Laduchi we advise our clients on their corporate and business assets as well as their investment assets. Many of our clients have built successful businesses or invest in private enterprise as a central component of their total wealth management strategy.

Family Values

You have grown up in a culture that may have had a considerable influence on you. Your convictions and your principles have been shaped by your experience and your education. You have developed into the person you are now and have taken on certain responsibilities. All members of your family have their own value-based priorities and talents. It is essential to respect and further strengthen each family member’s talent and to develop commonalities. Such shared values form the bedrock of your family, which may carry on for generations.

You may be a first-generation entrepreneur, or the member of a subsequent generation. You may still be an entrepreneur and/or have become a professional investor. Your wealth may be diversified or may still be concentrated in one operating business. It is your goal to manage your liquid wealth with the same skills you bring to managing an enterprise. You may have preferences and restrictions based on your cultural currency; you may think about the purpose of your wealth and how it should be passed on to coming generations.

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Number of customers

We carrently work with about 274 families.

Number of transactions

The total amount of contracts we have concluded from 2017.

Processed projects

We prepare turn-key projects with different profitability and minimum risks

Permanent clients

The most important is interest of clients, if you come to us once, you'll become our permanent client.

Enjoy your family,
while we take care of your money

Once you have determined your family values and have a clear mission, you are committed to a shared vision. This helps your trusted advisor provide efficient and effective support. Once you delegate and hand over this responsibility, you will have more time to focus on your preferred areas of interest and the fields in which you excel.

Our Main Services

  • Legal Consultation
  • Expert Fiduciary
  • Administrative Services
  • Legal & Tax Advisory
  • Family Office

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Wealth Planning

Good wealth management involves constant anticipation in order to make the best structural choices and help clients through planning.

Proactive & Practical

Your relationship with Laduchi Wealth Planning can be as required to meet your needs and to support your existing financial relationships

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