A rapidly evolving world offers huge opportunities for today’s wealth creators. But it also poses significant challenges: economic uncertainty, increasing taxation and regulation, erosion of the right to privacy and public pressure, dynamic complexity of banking services.

In this environment, never has there been a greater need to banking and tax planning for your business, protect wealth and manage family succession to ensure a lasting legacy.

We are an international business, with a presence in 5 jurisdictions around the world.

Our services have always been developed in response to client needs because we believe we can learn more from listening to clients than imitating competitors. Today, the collective wisdom of our relationships continues to define our approach and our beliefs.
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Family Office

  • Family governance
  • Fiduciaries
  • Legal and tax planning
  • Family business
  • Property investment and management
  • Banking and cash management
  • Philanthropy

Legal & Tax

  • Tax and estate planning
  • Tax-optimized asset management
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts
  • Tnheritance and family law matters

Laduchi mission

We offer integrated financial services beyond traditional asset management. Drawing on our expertise, we help national and international families flourish for generations.

We operate discreetly and provide transparent services to our clients. Laduchi Family Office оur mission is to ensure the create a client stable financial mechanisms, successful transition of values and assets from one generation to the next.

We Strive:

  • To offer independent advice and privileged financial and investment solutions
  • To provide strategic financial planning
  • To protect and grow our private clients’ wealth for both current and future generations
  • To ensure our institutional clients achieve their financial goals

Family Values

Family Culture

You have grown up in a culture that may have had a considerable influence on you. Your convictions and your principles have been shaped by your experience and your education. You have developed into the person you are now and have taken on certain responsibilities. All members of your family have their own value-based priorities and talents. It is essential to respect and further strengthen each family member’s talent and to develop commonalities. Such shared values form the bedrock of your family, which may carry on for generations.

Financial Wealth

You may be a first-generation entrepreneur, or the member of a subsequent generation. You may still be an entrepreneur and/or have become a professional investor. Your wealth may be diversified or may still be concentrated in one operating business. It is your goal to manage your liquid wealth with the same skills you bring to managing an enterprise. You may have preferences and restrictions based on your cultural currency; you may think about the purpose of your wealth and how it should be passed on to coming generations.


Once you have determined your family values and have a clear mission, you are committed to a shared vision. This helps your trusted advisor provide efficient and effective support. Once you delegate and hand over this responsibility, you will have more time to focus on your preferred areas of interest and the fields in which you excel.

Our Main Services

  • Legal Consultation
  • Expert Fiduciary
  • Administrative Services
  • Legal & Tax Advisory
  • Family Office

We're in Social

Wealth Planning

Good wealth management involves constant anticipation in order to make the best structural choices and help clients through planning.

Proactive & Practical

Your relationship with Laduchi Wealth Planning can be as required to meet your needs and to support your existing financial relationships

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